Table of


Acronyms and Abbreviations

ACR armored cavalry regiment
ADA air defense artillery
admin administration
ADP automatic data processing
ADPSS automatic data processing security service
AE-TCAE Army Europe technical control and analysis element
AF-TCAE Army Forces technical control and analysis element
AI area of interest
AK-TCAE Army Korea technical control and analysis element
AM amplitude modulation
anal analysis
AO area of operation
ARLO aerial reconnaissance liaison officer
ARSOF Army Special Operations Forces
AS-TCAE Army South technical control and analysis element
ASG area support group
AV audio-visual
avn aviation
AWOL absent without leave

bde brigade
bn battalion

C2command and control
C3command, control, and communications
CCMEC combined captured materiel exploitation center
C-E communications-electronics
C&E collection and exploitation
C&P control and processing
CE counterespionage
CED captured enemy document
CEE captured enemy equipment
CEM captured enemy materiel
CENTCOM United States Central Command
CFI cryptofacility inspection
CG commanding general
CI counterintelligence
C-HUMINT counter-human intelligence
C-IMINT counter-imagery intelligence
C-SIGINT counter-signals intelligence
CID Criminal Investigation Division
CINC Commander in Chief
CJA command judge advocate
CM collection management
CM&A collection management and analysis
CM&D collection management and dissemination
CMEC captured materiel exploitation center
CMO collection management officer
co company
coll collection
COMINT communications intelligence
comm communications
COMMZ communications zone
COMSEC communications security
COMTECHREP complementary technical report
CONUS continental United States
CP command post
CS combat support
CSG cryptologic support group
CSM command sergeant major
CSS combat service support
CTOCSE corps tactical operations center support element

DA Department of the Army
DAME defense against methods of entry
DCSINT Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence
det detachment
DETECHREP detailed technical report
DF direction finding
DIA Defense Intelligence Agency
DISUM daily intelligence summary
div division
DNA Defense Nuclear Agency
doc document
DOD Department of Defense
DS direct support
DTOCSE division tactical operations center support element

EAC echelons above corps
EACIC echelons above corps intelligence
ECB center echelons corps and below
ECCM electronic counter-countermeasures
ECM electronic countermeasures
ELINT electronic intelligence
ELSEC electronic security
EM electromagnetic
E-O electro-optical
EOD explosive ordnance disposal
EPB electronic preparation of the battlefield
EPW enemy prisoner of war
equip equipment
ESM electronic warfare support measures
EUSA Eighth United States Army
EW electronic warfare
EW/IS electronic warfare/intercept system

1SG first sergeant
FIS foreign intelligence service
FM field manual
FORSCOM United States Army Forces Command
FTX field training exercise

G1 Deputy Chief of Staff, Personnel
G2 Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence
G3 Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations and Plans
G4 Deputy Chief of Staff, Logistics
G5 Deputy Chief of Staff, Civil Affairs
gp group
GS general support
GS-R general support-reinforcing

HF high frequency
HHC headquarters and headquarters company
HHD headquarters and headquarters detachment
HHSC headquarters and headquarters service company
HPT high-payoff target
HQ headquarters
HUMINT human intelligence
HVT high-value target

IA imagery analysis
I&E interrogation and exploitation
I&W indications and warning
IEW intelligence and electronic warfare
IIR intelligence information report
IMINT imagery intelligence
IMO information management office
IOH indication of hostility
INSCOM US Army Intelligence and Security Command
INTSUM intelligence summary
intel intelligence
intg interrogation
IPB intelligence preparation of the battlefield
IPBS intelligence property book section
IR information requirements
ISE intelligence support element
IST intelligence support team
ITDB intercept tasking data base

J2 Joint Intelligence Directorate
J3 Operations Directorate
JCMEC joint captured materiel exploitation center
JIC Joint Intelligence Center
JIF joint interrogation facility
JSCP Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan
JTF joint task force

km kilometer

LIC low-intensity conflict
LLSO low-level source operations
log logistics
LRS long-range surveillance

MACOM major Army command
MAGIIC mobile army ground imagery interpretation center
maint maintenance
MASINT measurement and signature intelligence
MCM Manual for Courts Martial
MDCI multidiscipline counterintelligence
MECH mechanical
med medical
MEDCOM Medical Command
METL mission-essential tasks list
METT-T mission, enemy, terrain, troops, and time available
MI military intelligence
MID military intelligence detachment
MIJI meaconing, intrusion, jamming, and interference
MSC major subordinate command
MTOE modified table of organization and equipment
MP military police

natl national
NBC nuclear, biological, and chemical
NCA National Command Authorities
NCO noncommissioned officer
NCOIC noncommissioned officer in charge
NETCAP national exploitation of tactical capabilities
NSA National Security Agency

OB order of battle
OCONUS outside continental United States
OPCON operational control
OPLAN operation plan
OPORD operation order
ops operations
OPSEC operations security
OSD operations security support detachment
OSIA On-Site Inspection Agency

PAO public affairs officer
pers personnel
PERSCOM United States Army Total Personnel Command
phys physical
PIR priority intelligence requirements
plt platoon
POC point of contact
poly polygraph
PRETECHREP preliminary technical report
PSYOP psychological operations

R reinforcing
RC Reserve Components
REC radio electronic combat
repro reproduction
RFA request for assistance
RII request for intelligence information
RMO resource management office
RO resident office
RSSC regional SIGINT support center

S1 Adjutant (US Army)
S2 Intelligence Officer
S3 Operations and Training Officer
S4 Supply Officer
S&TI scientific and technical intelligence
SAEDA Subversion and Espionage Directed Against US Army
SALUTE size, activity, location, unit, time, and equipment
SAM surface-to-air missile
SAP special access program
SCI sensitive compartmented information
SCIF sensitive compartmented information facility
scty security
SDT single discipline team
SDT-HUMINT single discipline team-human intelligence
SDT-IMINT single discipline team-imagery intelligence
SDT-SIGINT single discipline team-signals intelligence
sec section
sep separate
sep bde separate brigade
SEP-EAC separate-echelons above corps
SFG special forces group
SHF super high frequency
SIGINT signals intelligence
SIO senior intelligence officer
SME subject matter expert
SOC special operations command
SOF special operations forces
SOFA status of forces agreement
SOI signal operation instructions
spt support
SSB single side band
SSM surface-to-surface missile
SSO special security office
SSP single source process
SSP-H single source processor-HUMINT
SSP-I single source processor-IMINT
SSP-S single source processor-SIGINT
SSP-T single source processor-TECHINT
STANAG standardization agreement
svc service
SWA-TCAE Southwest Asia technical control and analysis element

TAACOM Theater Army Area Command
TACC Theater Army Communications Command
TACS Theater Army Communications System
TAREX target exploitation
TASOSC Theater Army Special Operations Support Command
TCAE technical control and analysis element
TDA table of distribution and allowances
tech technical
TECHINT technical intelligence
TENCAP tactical exploitation of national capabilities
tm team
TOC tactical operations center
TOE table of organization and equipment
TRADOC United States Army Training and Doctrine Command
TRS tactical reconnaissance support
TSCM technical surveillance countermeasures
TSN theater support node
TTP tactics, techniques, and procedures

US United States
USAF United States Air Force
USAICS United States Army Intelligence Center and School
USAREUR United States Army, Europe
USMC United States Marine Corps
USSID United States Signal Intelligence Directive

WARM Wartime Reserve Mode
wpn weapons

XO executive officer
xplt exploitation