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FM 100-6 Appendix B

Appendix B

Responsibilities of
Supporting Agencies

This appendix discusses the functions and responsibilities of Army and joint agencies supporting IO and C2W across the operational spectrum. It discusses the missions and functions of the Joint Command and Control Warfare Center (JC2WC) and LIWA. It delineates the responsibilities to the commander-in-chief (CINC) and Army component commander, respectively. IO/C2W planners should use this appendix to gain a better understanding of the support available from these agencies.


CJCS Instruction 5118.01 is the charter for the JC2WC. This paragraph provides key excerpts from that document to provide combatant commanders, JFCs, and other units requiring assistance in C2W with a ready reference of the support provided by the JC2WC.


The mission of the JC2WC, formerly the Joint Electronic Warfare Center (JEWC), is to provide direct C2W support to operational commanders. The JC2WC supports the integration of the constituent elements of C2W--OPSEC, PSYOP, military deception, EW, and destruction. It also supports the noncombat military applications of IW throughout the planning and execution phases of operations. The JC2WC provides this direct support in the following priority order:

The JC2WC also provides support to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the joint staff, the services, and other US Government agencies. The JC2WC maintains specialized expertise in C2W-related--


The JC2WC, through the joint staff director for operations (J3) serves as the principal field agency within DOD for C2W support.


As stated in CJCSI 5118.01 the JC2WC, acting through the joint staff J3--


For direct combatant commander C2W support, the JC2WC maintains deployable C2W augmentation teams to support the combatant commander as requested. To provide timely analysis and advice for planning and coordination of C2W, these teams maintain an awareness of the threat and the OPLANs in the respective combatant commanders' AORs. In addition, the teams--

As required, the JC2WC requests augmentation from specialized organizations, through the joint staff J3, for a deploying JC2WC team to provide a more comprehensive C2W capability to the supported commander. The JC2WC also--

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AR 520-20 established the Land Information Warfare Activity to integrate OPSEC, military deception, PSYOP, EW, and physical destruction to support IO and C2W. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) delineates the command, control, and functional relationships of HQDA and the US Army Information Systems Command (USAINSCOM) with LIWA. It further delineates HQDA command and staff responsibilities for IO/C2W. LIWA is under the command of USAINSCOM. The director of operations, readiness, and mobilization exercises operational tasking authority of LIWA, including IO/C2W operational support policy and program planning guidance.

This provides a quick reference of the support that LIWA provides. CJCS has directed Army commanders to integrate IW/C2W into exercises, OPLANs, and OPORDs. Emerging Army doctrine calls for the formation of an IO activity to help land operational and tactical commanders integrate C2W with other information domains such as the GIE, collector-to-shooter linkages, INFOSEC, counterintelligence (CI), HUMINT, and survivability. Given the technical complexity of this doctrinal requirement and the need to operate in a resource-constrained environment, LIWA fields tailored support teams such as FSTs to help operational and tactical battle staffs integrate IO/C2W with plans, operations, and exercises.


LIWA coordinates multidisciplined intelligence and other support for operations planning and execution, to include C2W data base support, HUMINT, CI, and TECHINT. LIWA is electronically connected with other national, DOD, joint, and service IW facilities or centers. Integral to LIWA is the Army Reprogramming Analysis Team-Threat Analysis (ARAT-TA) collocated with the US Air Force at the Air Warfare Center. ARAT-TA provides the technical expertise to ensure target-sensing weapons systems are correctly programmed to meet the specific conditions of a designated AO.

LIWA has been specifically designed to provide tailored support to the land component commands. LIWA's purpose is to provide commanders with technical expertise that is not resident on the command's general and special staff and to provide responsive technical interfaces with other commands, service components, and national, DOD, and joint information centers. When deployed, the LIWA FSTs become an integral part of the command's IO staff. To facilitate planning and execution of IO, LIWA provides IO/C2W operational support to land component and separate Army commands and active and reserve components (AC/RC).


LIWA acts as the operational focal point for land IO/C2W by providing operational staff support to AC/RC land component commands and separate Army commands. It coordinates, arranges for, and synchronizes IO/C2W intelligence and CI support to land component commands. LIWA coordinates and deploys FSTs to assist and support LCCs in C2-protect, including--

LIWA coordinates and deploys FSTs to advise LCCs on C2-attack, including--

LIWA coordinates and deploys FSTs to provide battlefield deception planning support to LCCs. Through participation in the Battle Command Training Program (BCTP), combat training center (CTC) rotations, battle labs, and Force XXI studies, LIWA coordinates with and provides assistance to TRADOC in the development and integration of doctrine, training, leader development, organization, materiel, and soldier requirements (DTLOMS) for IO/C2W. In addition, LIWA--


LIWA, as the designated Army operational focal point and Army executive agent for IO/C2W operational support matters, is responsible for--

FSTs deploy on exercises with designated commands to support training and to develop an in-depth understanding of the support command's organization and procedures. FSTs, adhering to the component commander's intent and guidance, provide a wide range of support, by--

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