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FM 100-6 Appendix A

Appendix A

Plans and Orders

This appendix illustrates and explains how IO and C2W could be incorporated into a basic plan or order. The OPLAN format is used for this illustration. Annex A provides a sample campaign plan model and identifies the key annexes related to IO support. Annex B illustrates how a C2W annex is written.


Commanders use operations, administrative, and logistics plans and orders to convey information and instructions to subordinate units. Plans and orders are similar in format and content. Although a plan may be effective immediately for planning purposes or for specified preparatory action, it is not executed until the commander so directs, usually when certain specified conditions, as set forth in the plan, are determined to exist. A plan specifies the time or conditions under which it is to be placed in effect.


A plan becomes an order when execution is directed. An order carries with it the obligation of immediate execution at a specified time or date. The major difference between a plan and an order is that a plan normally contains assumptions. See Chapter 6 for general information about planning and execution.