This manual provides the capstone doctrine for US Army and US Marine Corps domestic support operations. It also provides general information to civilian authorities at federal, state, and local levels involved in planning for and conducting such operations. It identifies linkages and defines relationships with federal, state, and local organizations and with other services that have roles and responsibilities in domestic support operations. SCOPE AND APPLICABILITY

This doctrine applies to all Army and Marine Corps commanders and staff tasked with planning, preparing for, and conducting domestic support operations. For overseas theaters, this doctrine applies to US unilateral operations only, subject to applicable host nation laws and agreements. USER INFORMATION

This publication was developed by the Army Doctrine Directorate at Headquarters, Training and Doctrine Command (HQ TRADOC) with the participation of the Doctrine Division (C42) at Marine Corps Combat Development Command (MCCDC). HQ TRADOC, with MCCDC, will review and update this publication as necessary. Send comments and recommendations directly to--

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