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Afghanistan -- Taliban Propaganda Video Capitalizes on 'Capture' of U.S. Base

Open Source Center
30 November 2009

A video posted on the Taliban website Voice of Jihad on 18 November showcases what it describes as the "capture" of a US military base in the Kamdesh district of Noorestan Province. The video, titled "Noorestan: A Message of Success," offers scenes of what appear to be the beginning of the Taliban attack on the base and weapons and ammunitions captured by the Taliban. Occasional Koranic verses in the video offer religious justification and proclaim the righteousness of the Taliban cause. The video also glorifies the Taliban victory by highlighting the group's triumphant entry into the "captured base," the symbolic burning of an American flag, and the Taliban governor of Noorestan Province, identified as Sheikh Dost Mohammad, touring the area. (continue reading [pdf])

To view the video (.wmv file) hit the play button below, or click here.

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December 16, 2009