[Congressional Record Volume 164, Number 20 (Tuesday, January 30, 2018)]
[Pages S558-S567]

                    Tribute to William D. Duhnke III

  Mr. SHELBY. Mr. President, I rise today to pay tribute to a former 
staff member of mine, William D. Duhnke III, who dedicated over 20 
years of his life's work to the Senate.
  Prior to his time on Capitol Hill, Bill Duhnke served in the U.S. 
Navy as a naval officer and at the Commission on the Assignment of 
Women in the Armed Forces. Bill received his juris doctorate from 
Catholic University and a bachelor of arts degree from his home State 
university, the University of Wisconsin. In 1995 Bill Duhnke joined my 
personal staff to handle defense, foreign relations, and judiciary 
policy. He quickly revealed his high work ethic and innate ability to 
thrive when tasked with the most challenging of assignments.
  After swiftly climbing the ladder in my office, Bill became my staff 
director and general counsel when I chaired the Senate Intelligence 
Committee and later the Senate Banking Committee, where he was general 
counsel and staff director. He also served as my staff director when I 
was the ranking member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, when the 
Democrats were in control.
  As a former naval flight officer, Bill always brought a high level of 
respect and discipline to the workplace. Without hesitation, he was 
able to spearhead tasks and get things done. Not only was he a trusted 
adviser, but he was an esteemed manager across Capitol Hill, where he 
was duly respected. Bill is exceptionally smart and was always well 
versed on the issues at hand. I would be hard-pressed to recall a time 
when he was unprepared. I can't think of one.
  I am certain that Bill will continue to operate in this manner in his 
new role as Chairman of the Public Accounting Oversight Board.
  I have relied on Bill Duhnke's professional advice and leadership for 
20 years, and I know he will be an asset as the Board works to improve 
audit quality and promote public trust in our securities area. I 
believe SEC Chairman Jay Clayton has made an excellent choice in 
selecting Bill Duhnke to chair the PCAOB.
  I have no doubt that Bill has stepped into his new leadership 
position with ease. His intellect and experience ensure his future 
success in this role, and I am confident that Bill will remain an 
outstanding leader as he continues on this new path in his career.
  It is my honor to offer my deep appreciation and gratitude to Bill 
Duhnke for his decades of hard work and dedication to the entire 
country. I am privileged to have had him on my staff for all of those 
  I yield the floor.