[Congressional Record Volume 160, Number 150 (Wednesday, December 10, 2014)]
[Pages S6529-S6530]

                       COMMITTEE ON INTELLIGENCE

  Mr. REID. Mr. President, I rise to thank the current and past 
Democratic staff of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence for 
their hard work and diligence on the Committee Study of the Central 
Intelligence Agency's Detention and Interrogation Program.
  Committee staff spent 7 years preparing the report, going through 
more than 6 million pages of documents and writing a final report that 
is over 6,700 pages, including 38,000 footnotes. Staff worked 
incredibly long hours over many years and sacrificed time with their 
families and friends. They overcame significant obstacles to put out 
this report. They took no short-cuts in their research. And they took 
no liberties with the facts.
  The staff produced a report of historic importance, which will be 
studied for many years to come. Because of their work, the true facts 
about the CIA's interrogation program under President Bush are now 
available for all Americans to understand. Because of their work, we as 
a country can commit that never again will we repeat

[[Page S6530]]

these mistakes. This report, and the work of the staff, is an 
outstanding example of the constitutional oversight role that the 
Senate can and should play.
  I want to particularly thank David Grannis, the committee's staff 
director and Daniel Jones, the lead staffer and author of much of the 
report. Many other committee staffers past and present participated in 
producing the report including: Evan Gottesman, Chad Tanner, Alissa 
Starzak, Nate Adler, Jennifer Barrett, Nick Basciano, Michael Buchwald, 
Jim Catella, Eric Chapman, John Dickas, Lorenzo Goco, Andrew Grotto, 
Tressa Guenov, Clete Johnson, Michael Noblet, Michael Pevzner, Tommy 
Ross, Caroline Tess, James Wolfe, and Andy Johnson.