[Congressional Record Volume 159, Number 26 (Monday, February 25, 2013)]
[Pages S811-S812]

                       TRIBUTE TO JOHN D. BENNETT

  Mrs. FEINSTEIN. Mr. President, I also wish to recognize and pay 
tribute to Mr. John D. Bennett, the Director of the National 
Clandestine Service, NCS, of the Central Intelligence Agency, who will 
retire from the CIA, for the second time, on February 28, 2013. Mr. 
Bennett's career spans over 30 years in the CIA during which he 
distinguished himself as a patriot, leader, and friend of the U.S. 
Senate. John Bennett also served as an infantry officer in the U.S. 
Marine Corps from 1975 to 1980.
  It is a rare opportunity to pay tribute publicly to one of the men 
and women who serve beyond the front lines, working in secret to 
protect and serve the Nation. Having ``come in from the cold,'' I am 
pleased to be able to say a few words about John.
  A Massachusetts native, Mr. Bennett received a B.A. degree in 
government from Harvard University in 1975 and an M.A. in National 
Security Studies from Georgetown University in 1991.
  Since joining the CIA in 1981, John served more than 17 years abroad 
in multiple assignments, including as chief of station in multiple 
countries, in Southeast Asia and Africa, where he was able to use his 
language fluency of French. In addition to returning from retirement to 
take the helm of the NCS in July 2010, he has held Senior Executive 
Service level Headquarters assignments as Deputy Director of the 
National Clandestine Service for Community Human Intelligence from 
2005-2006; Chief, Special Activities Division from 2003-2005; and 
Deputy Chief, Africa Division and Chief of Africa Operations from 1995-
1999. Mr. Bennett served also as the Executive Assistant to the Deputy 
Director of Central Intelligence from May 1990 to May 1991.
  When Director Panetta asked John to return to service he stated:

       John says what he thinks and he does what he says. I trust 
     him, and I rely on him.

  He has helped guide the agency through some of the most complex and 
challenging operations imaginable, including the historic takedown of 
Osama bin Laden.
  John Bennett served with distinction as the Director of the NCS for 
the past 3 years. In this capacity, John had frequent interaction with 
Senators and staff of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. His 
professionalism, mature judgment, expertise, and frank advice earned 
him the respect and confidence of the committee. His sound judgment, 
courage, and candor also directly contributed to his successful 
representation of the CIA's interests before the committee and 

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  Throughout his career, John Bennett demonstrated a profound 
commitment to our Nation, selfless service to the CIA, deep concern for 
agency officers and their families, and a commitment to excellence. 
John is the consummate intelligence professional whose performance, in 
over 30 years of service, has personified those traits of courage, 
competency, and integrity that our Nation expects from its professional 
intelligence officers.
  I ask my colleagues to join me in thanking Mr. John Bennett for his 
honorable service to the Central Intelligence Agency and the people of 
the United States, and also to thank John's wife Kit for her support 
and understanding, as well as her sacrifices in allowing John to 
selflessly commit himself to protecting our Nation.
  We wish John and Kit Bennett all the best in the future.