[Congressional Record Volume 158, Number 5 (Tuesday, January 17, 2012)]
[Extensions of Remarks]
[Pages E21-E22]



                     HON. C.A. DUTCH RUPPERSBERGER

                              of maryland

                    in the house of representatives

                       Tuesday, January 17, 2012

  Mr. RUPPERSBERGER. Mr. Speaker, I rise before you today to honor Mr. 
Charles T. ``Chuck'' Kennedy on the occasion of his retirement with the 
National Security Agency, NSA, after 31 years of distinguished service.
  As Chief of the Office of Contracting at NSA, Mr. Kennedy has been 
responsible for about 36,000 contracting actions per year. His 
expertise has been used in joint NSA initiatives with other countries 
and foreign contractors. Mr. Kennedy is also a member of NSA's Power, 
Space, and Cooling Triage Team. This cross-functional team, made up of 
leaders throughout the NSA Washington Enterprise, ensures that high-
priority mission requirements receive the necessary power and cooling 
to function.
  Mr. Kennedy is also a member of the Office of the Director of 
National Intelligence Procurement Executive Council. This interagency 
team examines procurement challenges, helps streamline processes and 
establishes contracts.
  Mr. Kennedy spent his entire career in the contracting field, 
graduating from his internship in 1983. Over the years, Mr. Kennedy 
progressed through various management levels that included Chief of the 
Signals Intelligence Directorate/Research & Development Contracting 
Office, Chief of the Information Technology Enterprise Contracting 
Office, Chief of the Mission Support Contracting Office and Chief of 
the Cost and Economic Analysis Contracting Office.
  Mr. Kennedy is a recipient of the Meritorious Civilian Service Award. 
This is NSA's second highest honorary award, given only to 
extraordinary individual achievements of major significance to NSA, the 
Department of Defense, or the United States Government.
  Mr. Kennedy holds two Masters of Science Degrees, a Bachelors of 
Science Degree and is a graduate of the NSA Senior Cryptologic Course. 
His certifications include Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement 
Act Certified Level 4--Acquisition Corps and NSA Logistician. He holds 
an unlimited Contracting Officer warrant.
  Mr. Kennedy and his wife Patti have been married for 34 years. They 
have three sons and three grandchildren.
  Mr. Speaker, I ask that you join with me today to honor Mr. Kennedy. 
His long and dedicated service to the United States government is an 
inspiration to all of us. It is with great pride that I congratulate 
Mr. Kennedy on his retirement and wish him the best of luck in the