[Congressional Record: June 11, 2009 (Senate)]
[Page S6484-S6485]

                            DETAINEE PHOTOS

  Mr. McCAIN. Madam President, it appears the House Democrats, 
according to a ``Roll Call'' article this morning about the 
supplemental bill--I ask unanimous consent to have printed in the 
Record this morning's ``Roll Call'' article titled ``Intraparty Fights 
Pervade Agenda'' concerning the war supplemental bill.

[[Page S6485]]

  There being no objection, the material was ordered to be printed in 
the Record, as follows:

                       [Roll Call, June 11, 2009]

                    Intraparty Fights Pervade Agenda

        (By Steven T. Dennis and Emily Pierce, Roll Call Staff)

       Democratic leaders appeared to clear the way Wednesday for 
     passage of a $100 billion war supplemental, even as they 
     worked furiously to repair internal rifts over health care 
     and climate change legislation.


  Mr. McCAIN. I quote from it:

       The war bill, which has swollen with items including a 
     cash-for-clunkers incentive, will eliminate Senate language 
     explicitly allowing President Barack Obama to keep photos of 
     detainee abuse during the Bush administration confidential.

  The Graham-Lieberman amendment that would classify these photos was 
accepted by voice vote. In other words, any Senator who wanted to 
object or vote against it could have called for a vote. Instead, it was 
unanimously adopted.
  According to the ``Roll Call'' article I quoted, that provision will 
be removed from the emergency supplemental. According to that article:

       One senior Democratic aide said Lieberman's and Graham's 
     threat to hold up the supplemental indefinitely [unless their 
     provision was included] was unlikely to last and predicted 
     that Defense Secretary Robert Gates would likely pressure the 
     two defense hawks to relent so that funding for the wars 
     wouldn't run out.

  I think this Democratic aide highly underestimates Senator Lieberman, 
Senator Graham, and the rest of us.
  I had a conversation with General Petraeus the day before yesterday. 
I believe those conversations are confidential, and I asked his 
agreement to quote from him: If these photos are released, it would 
harm the ability of the United States military to pursue our national 
security interests and could put American lives in danger. That is a 
serious statement from the most respected military leader this Nation 
  I want to point out something very important. Today the President of 
the United States could issue an Executive order classifying those 
photos and not allowing them to be released. He could do it today. It 
is time for the President of the United States to stand up to the 
leftwing of his party for the good of the national security of this 
  I join others, that if that supplemental comes over without the 
provision which was adopted unanimously by the Senate to make sure 
those photos are not released because of the harm it would do to 
America's effort in combating radical Islamic extremism throughout the 
world and put the lives of the men and women who are serving in our 
military in greater danger--I intend to join my friends Senator 
Lieberman and Senator Graham in doing everything we can to oppose such 
  This war supplemental is intended to help us win this battle, the war 
on terrorism, dare I say. It is supposed to help the men and women who 
are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan as they pursue an implacable and 
evil enemy and try to instill democracy and freedom in these 
countries. And if these photos are made public, it will harm their 
effort and put their lives in danger.
  I urge my colleagues to join me in opposing a bill that would 
eliminate the provision that prevents these photos from being 
published, and I call on the President today to relieve this pressure 
and declare, by Executive order, that these photos are classified and 
not to be released to the world's public.
  Madam President, I yield the floor, and I suggest the absence of a 
  The ACTING PRESIDENT pro tempore. The clerk will call the roll.
  The legislative clerk proceeded to call the roll.
  Mr. BARRASSO. Madam President, I ask unanimous consent that the order 
for the quorum call be rescinded.
  The ACTING PRESIDENT pro tempore. Without objection, it is so