1995 Congressional Documents
Intelligence and Security

                                                       Calendar No. 164
104th Congress                                                   Report

 1st Session                                                    104-127
                             OTHER PURPOSES


   August 4 (legislative day, July 10), 1995.--Ordered to be printed


   Mr. Thurmond, from the Committee on Armed Services, submitted the 

                              R E P O R T

                         [To accompany S. 922]
    The Committee on Armed Services, to which was referred the 
bill (S. 922) to authorize appropriations for fiscal year 1996 
for intelligence and intelligence-related activities of the 
United States Government and the Central Intelligence Agency 
Retirement and Disability System, and for other purposes, 
having considered the same, reports favorably thereon with an 
amendment and recommends that the bill as amended do pass.

                          PURPOSE OF THE BILL

    S. 922 would authorize appropriations and other matters for 
fiscal year 1996 for intelligence activities of the United 
States, including certain Department of Defense intelligence-
related activities within the jurisdiction of the Committee on 
Armed Services.
    The Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) reported the 
bill on June 14, 1995, and it was referred to the Committee on 
Armed Services in accordance with section 3(b) of Senate 
Resolution 400, 94th Congress.

                       SCOPE OF COMMITTEE REVIEW

    The Committee conducted a detailed review of the 
intelligence community authorization request for fiscal year 
1996. The Committee conducted hearings and met with the 
chairman and vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on 
    The Committee has carefully reviewed the report of the 
Select Committee on Intelligence (Sen. Rep. 104-97) and has 
incorporated the relevant budget decisions of that Committee 
into S. 1026, the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal 
year 1996, which was reported to the Senate on July 10, 1995.
    The following explains the Committee's amendment to the 
bill as reported by the Select Committee on Intelligence, as 
well as the Committee's clarification to the report issued by 
the Select Committee.

Scope of schedule

    Section 102 provides that the amounts authorized to be 
appropriated are those specified in the classified Schedule of 
Authorizations. Unfortunately that Schedule of Authorizations 
contained two subparts; one relating to the National Foreign 
Intelligence Program (NFIP) and one relating to the Joint 
Military Intelligence Program (JMIP). The JMIP is a new budget 
and organizational category of the Department of Defense. The 
JMIP consists of four component programs, each of which was 
formerly funded in the Tactical Intelligence and Related 
Activities (TIARA) aggregation. The Senate Armed Services 
Committee has sole authorization jurisdiction over TIARA and 
hence over the JMIP which is an aggregation of TIARA 
    Accordingly, the Armed Services Committee recommends an 
amendment to section 102 that clarifies that the Schedule of 
Authorizations is only the Schedule of Authorizations for the 
National Foreign Intelligence Program (NFIP).

                            COMMITTEE ACTION

    In accordance with the Legislative Reorganization Act of 
1946, as amended by the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1970, 
there is set forth below the Committee vote to report favorably 
S. 922 with an amendment.
    The Committee conducted two votes. First, the Committee 
adopted the Committee amendment by voice vote. Second, the 
Committee adopted the underlying bill with an amendment by 
voice vote. After both votes, Senators Glenn and Bryan 
requested to be recorded in the negative.

                              fiscal data

    The Committee will publish in the Congressional Record 
information on five-year cost projections when such information 
is received from the Congressional Budget Office.

                           REGULATORY IMPACT

    Paragraph 11(b) of rule XXVI of the Standing Rules of the 
Senate requires that a report on the regulatory impact of a 
bill be included in the report on the bill. The Committee finds 
that there is no regulatory impact in the cost of S. 922.

                        CHANGES IN EXISTING LAW

    Pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 12 of rule XXVI of 
the Standing Rules of the Senate, the changes in existing law 
made by certain portions of the bill have not been shown in 
this section of the report because, in the opinion of the 
Committee, it is necessary to dispense with showing such 
changes in order to expedite the business of the Senate and 
reduce the expenditure of funds.