BOREN AMENDMENT NO. 3157 (Senate - September 23, 1992)

[Page: S14819]

Mr. BOREN proposed an amendment to the bill (S. 2991) authorizing appropriations for fiscal year 1993 for intelligence activities of the U.S. Government and Central Intelligence Retirement and Disability System, to amend the National Security Act of 1947 to provide a framework for the improved management and execution of U.S. intelligence activities, and for other purposes, as follows:

(1) On page 13, line 24: after subsection 304(a)(5) insert the following new subsection:

`(6) in section 804(c), by striking `obligation' and inserting in lieu thereof `expenditure'.'

(2) On page 19, line 12: delete `Office of Reconnaissance Support (as provided for in section 105(b)(3))' and insert in lieu thereof `National Reconnaissance Office'.

(3) On page 25, line 16, by inserting after subsection 102(a)(5)(C) the following new subsection:

`(6) The Office of the Director of Central Intelligence shall, for administrative purposes, be within the Central Intelligence Agency.'

(4) On page 32, line 10, changing `to' to `from'.

(5) On page 35, line 19, delete `the Office of'.

(6) On page 37, line 14: delete `establishment of an Office of Reconnaissance Support' and insert in lieu thereof `the National Reconnaissance Office'.

(7) On page 37, line 17: delete `procurement' and insert in lieu thereof `acquisition'.

(8) On page 39, line 3, by inserting at the end of section 105 the following:

`Provided, the Secretary of Defense, in carrying out the functions described in this section, shall be authorized to utilize such elements of the Department of Defense as may be appropriate for the execution of such functions in addition to, or in lieu of, the elements identified in this section.'

(9) On page 39, line 18, by inserting at the end of subsection 106(b) the following new subsection:

`(c) Authority to Withhold Certain Information Regarding the National Reconnaissance Office.--Nothing in this Act or any provision of law shall be construed to require the disclosure of the organization or any function of the National Reconnaissance Office, of any information with respect to the activities thereof, or of the names, titles, salaries, or number of persons employed by, or assigned or detailed to, such office.'

[Page: S14820]