RETIREMENT OF JOAN MARIE DONAHUE (Senate - October 03, 1990)

[Page: S14416]

Mr. MITCHELL. Mr. President, in the rush from one item of pressing business to the next, too often we do not find the time to acknowledge significant, individual contributions to the national effort. I would like to take just a minute to recognize the admirable career of one individual whose long service to her country is deserving of public recognition.

Joan Marie Donahue is retiring today, after 37 years with the Central Intelligence Agency. For 30 of those years, Joan worked in the Office of Congressional Affairs, with responsibility for liaison to Senate and House offices and committees on a range of sensitive issues. Joan somehow managed to represent the Agency and protect its interests, while at the same time providing consistently valuable service to the Congress. Successfully to perform both of those tasks is an achivement in itself; to do so for 30 years is remarkable.

One of Joan's most valuable contributions was made in the last few years of her career. Over the past 3 years, Joan has worked diligently with the staff of the Office of Senate Security, to implement an improved security program within the Senate. Joan's knowledge, experience and professionalism made easier the sensitive task of coordinating with the Intelligence community the new security program introduced by the joint Senate leadership 3 years ago.

In recognition of her outstanding service, Joan has been awarded the Career Intelligence Medal by the Director or Central Intelligence. To that honor, I would like to add the sincere thanks of the U.S. Senate.