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Mr. COHEN. Mr. President, it is my pleasure today to recognize the accomplishments of Gordon Negus, who has served since 1985 as the Defense Intelligence Agency's [DIA] Executive Director.

On April 30, 1990, Mr. Negus retired after 32 years of distinguished service to our Nation. For the past 5 years, he has been DIA's senior civilian executive, with responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the Agency, as well as for long-term planning and strategic resource management.

As vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, I have had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Mr. Negus and to observe firsthand the significant contribution he made to the intelligence community and the Nation. His leadership at DIA has been appreciated by members of the committee, and his accomplishments have been recognized within the executive branch throughout his career. A measure of this came in 1985, when he was awarded the Presidential Rank of Distinguished Executive.

Mr. Negus began his Government career at the Rome Air Development Center's Directorate of Communications in 1958, and he has held increasingly responsible positions within the civil service since that time. He joined DIA in 1967, and he was named Defense Intelligence Officer for Strategic Forces and Strategic Arms Limitation in 1975.

Later, as Assistant Deputy Director for Research, he prepared a major study for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff prior to the strategic arms reduction talks [START] with the Soviets. After a brief assignment as Vice Deputy Director for Foreign Intelligence, he was named the Agency's Executive Director.

Too often, Mr. President, we fail to acknowledge the contributions of dedicated civil servants such as Mr. Negus whose efforts are so critical to our Nation. As he retires, I am pleased to add my congratulations to him for his many substantial and lasting contributions to our national security.