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Mr BOREN. Mr. President, I am proud to be associated with many exceptional persons here in the U.S. Senate. I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the diligence and hard work of Officer C.D. Coder, a member of the U.S. Capitol Police, and James Van Cook, our office manager on the Select Committee on Intelligence. These outstanding men have contributed so much to their respective jobs, and I am honored to say publicly `thank you'.

Mr. President, I ask that the text of two letters be printed in the Record.

The letters follow:

Select Committee on Intelligence,
Washington, DC, March 31, 1989.

Officer C.D. Coder,
U.S. Capitol Police, Washington, DC.

Dear Officer Coder: I have somewhat mixed emotions on learning recently of your pending retirement. First and selfishly, we will miss the efficient and professional service that you have rendered for so many years to the United States Senate Select Committtee on Intelligence. Because of the rigid security requirements of our office space, you have had to be the tough security person and still the pleasant, first person to greet our visitors. You have always set the example for others with your positive manner in performing such a strict, demanding task. We shall all miss your dedicated performance and friendly demeanor.

Secondly, I am proud to congratulate you on reaching this milestone in your career. I know that you look forward to the many years of `enjoying the fruits of your labor' with your beautiful wife Linda, your four children and those four wonderful grandchildren. My wishes for you and yours are for many happy, healthy years of joy and pleasure as only a partial reward for your many years of dedicated service to the United States Senate. Your exemplary service is but another reason for my pride in the United States Capitol Police.


David L. Boren,



April 18, 1989.

Hon. David L. Boren,
Chairman, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Washington, DC.

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Dear Senator Boren: For the past six years, I have had the distinct pleasure of being assigned by the Capitol Police to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence for the purpose of security. During this tenure I had an opportunity to work with and observe the excellent job performance by all of the staff members who have constantly exhibited a high degree of initiative, comprehensive knowledge, and intelligence far beyond my expectancy.

As I leave this assignment for retirement, I wish to single out and officially express my appreciation and admiration for the outstanding performance rendered by James Van Cook, Office Manager. During the period of our close association, I have grown to rely on his professional competence with each new and difficult task he has completed. While operating under extreme tension and diversity, his unfailing good humor and extraordinary leadership ability were two especially pronounced traits.

When called upon by Kathleen McGhee, Chief Clerk, to assume the added duties of the GPO Detailed Printer who recently departed, Mr. Van Cook performed these extra duties with a vigor and cheerfulness that made him an outstanding example to his associates. He met each assignment with enthusiasm, accomplishing them with the utmost efficiency. His loyalty and constant desire to do his best is greatly appreciated by the Committee Staff.

I am fully aware that this job performance is expected of Mr. Van Cook; however, he always strives conscientiously to do his utmost to assist others beyond the maximum job requirements. His composure, friendliness, and easy-going manner make the seemingly impossible requests seem probable, even before they are carried out.

Realizing that some of the mail your office receives may not always be of a complimentary nature, as is the case in all responsible positions, I hope that my simple letter of commendation to Mr. Van Cook will in some way offset those criticisms. I only wish I were able to do more for the unselfish way Mr. Van Cook gives of himself to the Intelligence Committee, as well as the United States Senate. I also wish to convey my heartfelt thanks to the Committee Staff for all their assistance during the past six years.

Finally, Senator, may I commend you for the wise and delicate way you handle the chairmanship. I know you must be very proud to chair what I consider to be the most difficult and challenging committee on Capitol Hill. You are `OK'.

Thanking you in advance for your kind consideration given this matter. I remain,


Clifford D. Coder,
U.S. Capitol Police.