Vision, Mission, and Values of the Central Intelligence Agency, header

Our Vision

To be the keystone of a US Intelligence Community that
is preeminent in the world, known for both the high quality
of our work and the excellence of our people.

Our Mission

We support the President, the National Security Council, and all who make and execute US national security policy by:

  • Providing accurate, comprehensive, and timely foreign intelligence related to national security.

  • Conducting counterintelligence activities, special activities, and other functions related to foreign intelligence and national security as directed by the President.

Our Core Beliefs and Values

    What we stand for:

  • Intelligence that adds substantial value to the management of crises, the conduct of war, and the development of policy.

  • Objectivity in the substance of intelligence, a deep commitment to the customer in its form and timing.

    How we do our work:

  • Personal and organizational integrity.

  • Teamwork throughout the Agency and the Intelligence Community.

  • Total participation of an excellent and diverse workforce.

  • Innovation and risk-taking to get the job done.

  • Adaptation to both a changing world environment and evolving customer needs.

  • Accountability for our actions.

  • Continuous improvement in all that we do.