1997 Factbook on Intelligence

Equal Employment Opportunity Program

The Office of Equal Employment Opportunity was established to assist Agency employees in securing their right to a workplace free of unlawful discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Programs are designed to support and promote the goals of the Agency's strategic diversity plan. These goals are threefold:

The CIA's management practices and policies seek to enable the Agency to capitalize on the many and varied strengths that its diverse work force has to offer. Near-term goals include increasing the minority representation in the Agency work force and redressing the underrepresentation of minorities, women, and people with disabilities in managerial, midlevel, and senior officer positions. Diversity goes beyond race, gender, age, religion or disability to encompass many other factors including organizational affiliation, management or nonmanagement status, background, personality, education and life experience. The Agency aims to develop the fullest potential of all employees, without unfairly favoring or disadvantaging any group of employees.

The Office of Equal Employment Opportunity responds to complaints of discrimination promptly with early intervention to defuse conflict and with strict disciplinary action against those who are found to have engaged in discriminatory or harassing behavior. The Agency has initiated a harassment awareness program for all employees in support of the Agency's policy of zero tolerance for harassment.