1. Scope of IG Investigation. This CIA Inspector General investigation included an examination of all information in CIA possession concerning Ross, Blandon and Meneses, and CIA knowledge of any drug trafficking allegations in regard to persons directly or indirectly involved in Contra activities. The investigation also included an examination of allegations of drug trafficking by CIA assets, other individuals associated with CIA who dealt with the Contras, and companies and individuals involved in providing support to Contra activities in Central America in the 1980s on behalf of CIA.
  2. The Report of Investigation is being issued in two volumes. Volume I addresses the "California Story"--findings regarding whether CIA knew of narcotics trafficking by Ross, Meneses or Blandon in Southern California. It also includes findings related to whether CIA knew of the narcotics trafficking activities of Julio Zavala and Carlos Cabezas in Northern California, and their possible ties to the Contras, and CIA's contacts with the San Francisco U.S. Attorney's Office in connection with "The Frogman Case."
  3. Conclusions: Volume I. The following conclusions are based on the Findings in Volume I of this Report:

  1. Volume II. Volume II will address findings related to CIA's knowledge of any other alleged drug trafficking by the Contras or other persons associated with the Contra program. It also will describe CIA's interactions with U.S. law enforcement agencies and the Congress regarding Contra personnel and activities that were subject to drug-related allegations. Conclusions regarding those issues will be included in Volume II.

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