AKA -- Also Known As

ALIAS -- Fictitious name used by a person--an Agency staff employee, a contractor, or an asset--to hide true identity

ARDE -- Democratic Revolutionary Alliance

ASSET -- A person with a formal relationship characterized by a witting agreement and a degree of commitment and control and who provides information or services

AUSA -- Assistant United States Attorney

BATF -- Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

CATF -- CIA DO/Latin America Division/Central America Task Force

CCE -- Continuing Criminal Enterprise

DCD -- CIA DO/Domestic Collection Division

DCI -- Director of Central Intelligence

DDCI -- Deputy Director of Central Intelligence

DDO -- CIA Deputy Director for Operations

DEA -- Drug Enforcement Administration

DIA -- Defense Intelligence Agency

DO -- CIA Directorate of Operations

DoD -- Department of Defense

DoJ -- Department of Justice

DoJ/OIG -- Department of Justice/Office of Inspector General

DoS -- Department of State

FARN -- Nicaraguan Revolutionary Armed Force

FBI -- Federal Bureau of Investigation

FDN -- Nicaraguan Democratic Force (Fuerza Democratica Nicaraguense)

FNU -- First Name Unknown

FPLG -- CIA DO/PCS/Freedom, Privacy and Litigation Group

FR -- CIA DO/Foreign Resources Division

FRS -- Sandino Revolutionary Front

FSLN -- Sandinista National Liberation Front

GRAYMAIL -- Threat to disclose classified or sensitive information to preclude prosecution

GRN -- Nicaraguan Government of National Reconstruction

HAC -- House Appropriations Committee

IG -- Inspector General

IMS -- CIA DO/Information Management Staff

INS -- Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service

IRO -- CIA DO/Information Review Officer

LA DIVISION -- CIA DO/Latin America Division

LAPD -- Los Angeles Police Department

LASD -- Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

LNU -- Last Name Unknown

NSC -- National Security Council

OGC -- Office of General Counsel

OIC -- Office of Independent Counsel

OIG -- Office of Inspector General

PAR -- Performance Appraisal Report

PCN -- Nicaraguan Democratic Conservative Party

PCNE -- Conservative Party of Nicaraguans in Exile

RN -- Nicaraguan Resistance

RVO -- CIA DO/Records Validation Officer

SFRC -- Senate Foreign Relations Committee

UDN/FARN -- Nicaraguan Democratic Union/Nicaraguan Revolutionary Armed Forces

UDN -- Nicaraguan Democratic Union

UNO -- United Nicaraguan Opposition

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