Press Statement - June 9, 1995

DCI Statement Concerning Class Action Settlement

The following statement was issued this afternoon by Director of Central Intelligence, John Deutch, concerning the class action settlement involving female case officers at the Central Intelligence Agency.

I am pleased that Judge Bryan today approved the settlement agreement in the class action suit reached earlier this year by lawyers representing the class and Justice Department lawyers representing the Central Intelligence Agency.

We will implement fully the terms of the court approved agreement, but I believe that additional measures are called for. The actions taken under the settlement agreement serve as the beginning of a process of ensuring that CIA provides a workplace that is fair and encourages diversity. CIA cannot afford to waste the talents of any individual. People will be judged on the basis of performance and everyone will be given an equal opportunity to advance.

One of the highest priorities of the new management team at CIA is the creation of a work environment that does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

We have a commitment to diversity, and fairness must become an integral part of CIA's culture and personnel system--from recruitment and training through development and promotion.

To that end I have established a Human Resource Oversight Council and I am directing that all Agency officers will be held accountable for their actions in achieving the objective of a bias-free workplace. I have directed the Agency's Executive Director, Nora Slatkin, who will chair the council, to implement measures designed to ensure that each individual is considered according to his or her capabilities and accomplishments.

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