Press Release - June 2, 1995

CIA Expands Internet Home Page

In a continuing effort to make information about the Central Intelligence Agency more publicly accessible, the CIA on 2 June 1995, announced a new and expanded Home Page on the Internet. CIA showcased its expanded Home Page in an Intelligence Community (IC) exhibit during the Information Infrastructure Task Force (IITF) meeting on 18-19 May 1995 at the Department of Commerce.

Director of Central Intelligence, John M. Deutch, praised the Internet initiative, saying "This program is an important and helpful step in improving the public's understanding of the mission of this Agency and the talents of its people."

In the Fall of 1994 CIA joined other federal government agencies by posting its information of a world wide web site, Containing the CIA mission, "The Factbook on Intelligence," and "The World Factbook," this CIA origional Home Page averaged 43,000 accesses per day.

CIA's new Home Page at adds a welcome message from Mr. Deutch, new mission, values and beliefs, two additional publications, select press releases and statements, open Congressional testimony, speeches and hyperlinks to related areas of interest.

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