17 June 1997

FBI Deputy Director William J. Esposito and Acting Director of Central Intelligence George J. Tenet today announced the apprehension of Mir Amal Kansi, an FBI Top Ten Fugitive and the suspected gunman in the January 25, 1993, attack outside Central Intelligence Agency headquarters which killed two CIA employees and wounded three others. Kansi has been delivered abroad by Afghan individuals to the custody of United States authorities. He has been transported to the United States where he will face trial in Fairfax, Virginia.

Deputy Director Esposito said, "This arrest is the result of our unwavering determination to find and bring to justice the individual charged with the heinous attack on CIA employees four and half years ago. Kansi's arrest is another significant accomplishment in our unceasing effort to combat terrorism both here and abroad. Today's action should serve notice of our commitment to apprehend and prosecute those who seek to harm Americans both here and abroad."

"The success of this investigation is primarily due to the dedication of the men and women of the CIA and FBI, as well as our partners in the State Department, who brought their skills to bear and successfully coordinated their efforts to make this arrest possible in the face of often overwhelming difficulties," Esposito said.

Tenet said, "Today's developments in no way lessen the pain of those wounded on January 25, 1993, nor the despair experienced by the families who lost a loved one, but it is my sincere hope that seeing Kansi brought to justice will provide some small solace."

He added, "We have always kept the faith and never wavered in our commitment to find the individual charged with this attack. Today marks a clear triumph of good over evil."

Tenet and Esposito pledged that the ongoing coordinated effort to combat terrorism both here and abroad will continue in order to protect the lives of American citizens. Kansi's apprehension demonstrates that terrorists have no refuge among civilized nations and that we will mount a relentless pursuit to find U.S. fugitives and bring them to justice no matter where they may hide.

Tenet and Esposito expressed their gratitude for the tireless efforts of the men and women of the FBI's Washington Field Office, the Hostage Rescue Team, the FBI Legal Attaches abroad, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Justice, the Department of State, the Department of Defense, the Fairfax County Police Department, and the Fairfax County District Attorney's Office.

Finally, Esposito said, "I thank the families of the victims for their patience and faith in all of us who participated in this investigation. You never lost hope and we never gave up."