Press Release - May 17, 1995

DCI Announces Senior Personnel Appointments

In a meeting today with senior Agency managers, DCI John Deutch outlined the personnel actions he intends to make in the immediate future. The following individuals and actions were announced:

Mr. Deutch will recommend to the President that he nominate George J. Tenet to be DDCI. Mr. Deutch praised Admiral Studeman for his outstanding efforts as DDCI and Acting DCI, and thanked him for agreeing to delay his retirement and assist in the transition. Mr. Tenet is currently Senior Director for Intelligence Programs at the National Security Council (NSC). Prior to serving at the NSC he was Staff Director for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence for more than four years.

Nora Slatkin will assume duties of Executive Director.

Ms. Slatkin will be responsible for activities and operations of all CIA components and for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). All Deputy Directors and the Director of NRO will report to the DCI/DDCI through the Executive Director. Mr. Deutch has asked Leo Hazelwood to remain on in a senior management role. Ms. Slatkin is currently the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition and has extensive Congressional experience.

Keith R. Hall will become Director, Community Management Staff. Mr. Hall will be responsible for NFIP budget process, EXCOM, Intelligence Community strategic and resource planning, and Intelligence Community processes. Mr. Hall has been Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Security and previously served as Deputy Staff Director for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Rear Admiral Dennis C. Blair will become Associate Director of Central Intelligence for Military Support, responsible for direction and coordination of Intelligence Community support to military operations. He most recently served as Commander of Carrier Battle Group. He is a 27-year career officer with duty in the fleet, NSC, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretary of the Navy, and Chief of Naval Operations.

Jeffrey H. Smith will become General Counsel. In addition to responsibility for all legal aspects of CIA activities he will coordinate intelligence support to law enforcement. He is currently a partner with the law firm of Arnold and Porter. He has also served as General Counsel to the Senate Armed Services Committee and Assistant Legal Advisor for Law Enforcement and Intelligence for the State Department, and Chairman of the Joint Security Commission. He is a member of the Commission on Roles and Missions of the Armed Forces which will soon conclude and forward its report to the President and Secretary of Defense.

Dennis R. Boxx will become Director of Public Affairs, responsible for all CIA public and media relations. Mr. Boxx had been DOD's Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, serving as the deputy spokesman for the Pentagon. He has spent his career in a variety of public affairs positions.

Michael J. O'Neil will serve as Chief of Staff, responsible for operation of all aspects of the Office of the DCI and for coordination of external relations. Mr. O'Neil served as Counselor to the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense and previously was counsel to House Speaker Foley and chief counsel for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Brigadier General Michael Hagee, USMC, will serve as Executive Assistant to the DCI, responsible for execution of all matters of special interest to the DCI. General Hagee has been the Senior Military Assistant to Mr. Deutch at the Pentagon. He is a 27-year career Marine Corps officer with duty in a range of command and staff positions.

Professor Richard Cooper will become Chairman of the National Intelligence Council. Dr. Cooper is a Professor of Government at Harvard University and a former Undersecretary of State for Economic Affairs. He is also a former Provost of Yale University. Christine Williams will be reassigned to a senior position in CIA.

Dr. Deutch indicated he will move quickly to fill vacancies created by DDI Douglas MacEachin's sabbatical to Harvard in June and DDS&T James Hirsch's planned retirement later this year.

Dr. Deutch also discussed the individuals who will make up a panel to assist in the development of a slate of candidates for the position of the Deputy Director of Operations. Dr. Deutch reiterated that the selection process for a new DDO will take some time but that he hoped to use the time to work with Jack Devine to learn more about the DO. The panel will consist of:

John McMahon, Chairman, former DDI, DDO, and DDCI, and recently retired Vice President of Lockheed.

Lieutenant General Brent Scowcroft, USAF, (retired), former National Security Advisor under President Bush.

Dr. James Lilley, former Ambassador to South Korea and China, who has held senior positions within the DI and DO.

E. Norbert Garrett, a former senior officer in the DO.

Nora Slatkin, newly-named Executive Director.

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