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Press Release 12/8/96


8 December 1996

Remembering with gratitude the Navajo Nation's heroic contribution of unbreakable code talking during World War II, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) announces a contract to share some 21st century technology which will assist the Navajo Nation in using Landsat multispectral satellite imagery of its region. By helping to integrate such imagery into Geographic Information System (GIS) model technology and training, the CIA can assist the Navajo Nation to involve its young people in scientific efforts to understand and identify the land cover of its territory. Dr. Ruth David, CIA's Deputy Director for Science and Technology, commented it is heartwarming to see CIA engage in a partnership with Native Americans by contributing technology to the Navajo Nation which will enable it to scientifically direct its own programs for the betterment of environmental and natural resource management. Mr. Mike Benson, Public Affairs officer in the Department of Water Resources Management, states, "CIA's technology transfer fits our goals to understand, reclaim, preserve and protect what precious natural resources we have in our sparsely vegetated terrain." Mr. Lawrence Lano, environmental specialist and president of the Northern Arizona Professional Chapter of AISES (American Indian Science and Engineering Society) said, "with CIA's technology we hope to exploit the data smartly, revitalize our land, and integrate new science and engineering skills into our traditional cultural values." Beyond the goodwill of community assistance, the CIA will benefit from computer analysis refinement and a better in-depth understanding of desert terrains abroad.

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