No. 09-97
10 July 1997

I am deeply honored that the Senate has confirmed me tonight as the Director of Central Intelligence, and I would like to express thanks and appreciation to all who have supported me during this process.

As I embark on leading the Intelligence Community, I would like to reiterate the commitments I made during my confirmation hearings in May.

To the President and all others who rely on our nationís intelligence capabilities, I will deliver intelligence that is clear, objective, and does not pull punches.

To the Congress, you can expect forthright and candid views about our missions, programs, and priorities. I will not hold back.

To the men and women I will lead, we will be partners. I will challenge you, and I invite you to challenge me. I will listen, and I will lead.

To the American people, your intelligence service is committed to protecting our country from all those who would threaten it. We will honor always the trust you - the American people - have placed in us, and we will serve you with fidelity, integrity, and excellence.

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