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Winter Harbor, ME
Naval Security Group Activity

NSGA Winter Harbor is a station in the Navy's HFDF network, a part of the CLASSIC WIZARD Advanced Tactical Ocean Surveillance System. It also trains all the people who maintain and operate the Classic Wizard System - Worldwide. Courses of instruction include:

The station is made up of three sites. The main base is at the tip of Schoodic Peninsula, the operations site is near Corea, Maine, 11 miles from the main base, and three housing areas are in the town of Winter Harbor. The station is organized under a Commanding Officer with a complement of 16 officers, and approximately 365 enlisted personnel and civilians.

An important element of NSGA is located on board the Naval Air Station Brunswick, about 120 miles south. With a complement of one officer and 13 enlisted, the detachement supports patrol aircraft operations over the Atlantic.


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