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2016 Membership

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court was created by section 103(a) of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (50 U.S.C. 1803(a)). It was originally comprised of seven district judges from seven circuits named by the Chief Justice of the United States to serve a maximum of 7 years.

In 2001, the U.S.A. Patriot Act (section 208) amended the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to increase the number of FIS Court judges from seven to eleven, "of whom no fewer than 3 shall reside within 20 miles of the District of Columbia." The membership of the Court in 2013 was as follows.

Appointed Expires
HOGAN, Thomas F. (Presiding, as of May 19, 2014) (term expires on May 18, 2016) D.D.C. 5/18/2009 5/18/2016
COLLYER, Rosemary M. (Presiding, as of May 19, 2016) D.D.C. 3/8/2013 3/7/2020
BOASBERG, James E. D.D.C. 5/19/2014 5/18/2021
CONTRERAS, Rudolph D.D.C. 5/19/2016 5/18/2023
CONWAY, Anne C. M.D.FL. 5/19/2016 5/18/2023
DEARIE, Raymond J. E.D. New York 7/2/2012 7/1/2019
EAGAN, Claire V. N.D. Oklahoma 2/13/2013 5/18/2019
FELDMAN, Martin L.C. E.D.Louis. 5/19/2010 5/18/2017
JONES, James P. W.D. Virginia 5/19/2015 5/18/2022
MOSMAN, Michael W. Oregon 5/04/2013 5/03/2020
RUSSELL, Thomas B. W.D. Kentucky 5/19/2015 5/18/2022
SAYLOR, F. Dennis Mass. 5/19/2011 5/18/2018
WRIGHT, Susan Webber (term expires in 2016) E.D. Arkansas 5/18/2009 5/18/2016


The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review was created by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 to review applications that were denied by the FIS Court. The Court of Review is comprised of three judges, one of whom is designated as the presiding judge, named by the Chief Justice of the United States from the U.S. district or appellate courts. Judges serve a maximum of seven years and are not eligible for redesignation.

Appointed Expires
BRYSON, William C. (Presiding) Federal Circuit 5/19/2011 (became presiding judge 9/1/2013) 5/18/2018
CABRANES, José A. Second Circuit 8/9/2013 5/18/2020
TALLMAN, Richard C. Ninth Circuit 1/27/2014 1/26/2021

2015 Membership

Table of Members of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, 1978-2013

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