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Joint Intelligence Center JICPAC - USPACOM

The Joint Intelligence Center Pacific [JICPAC] provides direct intelligence support for all forces assigned to Commander in Chief, U. S. Pacific (CINCUSPAC). JICPAC is headquartered in the CINCPACFLT compound in Makalapa, Pearl Harbor, HI. Serving as the Joint Intelligence Center to USPACOM, JICPAC provides 24-hour all-source global intelligence to USCINCPACOM, his staff, component commanders and operators.

Pacific Command recently shifted to joint operations by restructuring the Pacific Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Center [FOSIC PAC] into the Operational Intelligence Center of JICPAC. The FOSIC provides Operational Intelligence [OPINTEL] for both maritime and overland operations.

The JICPAC operates a fusion center which conducts current situation analysis, collection management and long-range assessments and threat estimates. JICPAC is responsible for a variety of intelligence products and processes. Some are immediate while others require many months or even years to produce. Fusion of all-source intelligence and defining analytical approaches allow JICPAC to provide seamless, timely intelligence to USPACOM decision makers. JICPAC personnel disseminate their products briefings, annotated situation maps, installation descriptions, pictures, and threat projections to command customers at all levels from the headquarters to deployed units and ships at sea.

The National Military Strategy describes the JIC as "the principal element for ensuring effective intelligence support for combatant commanders in chiefs and theater forces." Secretary of Defense memorandum, 15 March 1991, "Strengthening Defense Intelligence," inter alia, established the JIC as the primary intelligence organization providing support to joint warfighting at all levels. The JIC concept fuses the main support capabilities of all Service, Combat Support Agency, and combat units into a one stop shopping center for intelligence support. The JIC is, by design, scalable and can expand to meet the needs of the Joint Force Commander. During noncrisis periods, JIC manning is normally retained at the minimum level required to perform essential functions such as I&W, current intelligence, collection management, delegated general military intelligence production, and support to the commander. As crises develop, JICs at each echelon bring together personnel and equipment needed to manage intelligence support requirements.

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