Proponent Notes

Officer Issues Implementation of CPT-PME

On 31 July 1996, Headquarters, Training and Doctrine Command directed the revision of MI OAC class schedules to support the implementation of Captain Professional Military Education (CPT-PME). CPT-PME provides a professional development step for all officers earlier in their careers. This change begins the transition from the current TDY-and- return home Combined Arms and Services Staff School (CAS3) schooling for officers. Effective early in calendar year 1997, OAC graduates will attend CAS3 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, immediately following OAC graduation in a TDY-and-return-to-Fort Huachuca status. The MI Branch Captains' Assignment Officer will continue to schedule officers for additional skill training (AST) courses (for areas of concentration: 35C Imagery Intelligence Officer, 35E Counterintelligence Officer, and 35G Signals Intelligence/Electronic Warfare Officer), either before or after CAS3 (based on the officer's projected assignment and course seat availability).
CPT-PME alleviates the situations in which officers cannot attend CAS3 during a tour, usually due to mission requirements and officer shortages in units. Those MIOAC graduates who have not yet attended CAS3 must still do so at the earliest possible time. The OCMI POC is Captain D. A. Dannewitz; readers can reach him at (520) 533-1180, DSN 821-1180, E-mail dannewitzd@huachuca-emh1

Warrant Officer Accession Update

The OCMI has forwarded the warrant officer accession goals for the upcoming year to U.S. Total Army Personnel Command. Key elements of the accession plan are
The basic requirements to apply are listed in AR 135-100, Appointment of Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the Army. Specific requirements for each MOS are listed in DA Circular 601-94-1, Warrant Officer Procurement Program. This will be updated and sent to the field in the second quarter, fiscal year 1997. Accession boards for MI applicants are normally scheduled for the third weeks of January, March, July, and September. Applicants should forward their packets to the U.S. Army Recruiting Command at least 45 days prior to the convening date of the board. Those interested in applying should discuss the procedure with a warrant officer in the applicant's career field or contact the OCMI POC Chief Warrant Officer Five Rex A. Williams, MI Warrant Officer Professional Development Manager, (520) 533-1183, DSN 821-1183, and E-mail address williamr@ mil.