Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin

Table of Contents
October-December 96
  1. Vantage Point
  2. CSM Forum
  3. Concepts and Doctrine
  4. Proponent Notes
  5. Reserve Component
  1. Joint STARS in Bosnia: Too Much Data, Too Little Intel?
    by Lieutenant Colonel Collin A. Agee
  2. Operation JOINT ENDEAVOR: Combined-Joint Intelligence in Peace Enforcement Operations
    by Lieutenant Colonel George K. Gramer
  3. Joint STARS Support to Special Operations Command
    by Captain Bruce A. Niedrauer
  4. Operation JOINT ENDEAVOR: Logistics Support to the GSM Task Force
    by Captain James V. Hintz, III and Major Lester W. Pinkney
  5. Intelligence and the U.N. Lessons From Bosnia-A Canadian Experience
    by Captain Daniel Villeneuve, in Collaboration with Sergeant Marc-Andre Lefebvre, Canadian Armed Forces
  6. Operation GRAPPLE: British Armed Forces in U.N. Protection Force
    by Major Roger D. Marshall BEM, Intelligence Corps, UK
  7. Operation JOINT ENDEAVOR: Joint STARS in the Balkans
    by Captain Kristin M. Baker
  8. Eyes of the Eagle:101st Airborne Division (AASLT) DISE
    by Lietenant Colonel John DeFrietas
  9. Victory in Egypt: 3ID (M) DISE
    by Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth H. Boll, Jr., Major Jeffrey S. Holachek, and Captain Jennifer A. Ellington
  10. Lord Mayor:Life as the Mayor of Tuzla Air Base
    by Major David B. Lorenz
  11. ASCIET - All Service Combat Identification Evaluation Team
    by Captain James R. Stone
  12. The Former Yugoslav Area Religious and Ethnic Strife/A Recent History of Bosnia-Herzegovina
    by Major Max J. Riekse, USAR, Captain Roger F. Cavazos and Second Lieutenant Sherman S. Powell
  13. MICA - Military Intelligence Corps Association
    by Colonel John H. Black, USA (Retired)